Sunday, November 7, 2010

Adventure in Albuquerque

Adventure in Albuquerque

It is not everyday that kids from Pennsylvania travel to Albuquerque in the middle of the school fall semester.  Is there anything educational to do?

French Horn Lesson:   Marcey arranged for Mr. Heeter to provide a half-hour French Horn lesson for Maggie - and Mr. Heeter had even arranged for Maggie to borrow an instrument for the visit.  Maggie showed us a couple of things she had learned, like how to change from high notes to low notes, just with the way you blow into the mouthpiece. 

Auntie Beth and the Transport Unit:   It’s not every kid that has an Aunt working in the Police Department.   Beth’s office is great, however of more interest was a quick tour through the Prisoner Transport Unit.  (in a typical month, the PTU handles 1500 prisoners, most of which are soon transported to the Metro Detention Center - the Sgt explained, when the van fills up, it goes - no one stays over 2 hours here, as no eating/feeding facilities, medicine, etc.)  Prisoners were being brought in while we were there, and the kids saw the holding cells.  Since the stay time is expected to be less than two hours, these cells are minimal in their furnishings:  a wrap-around aluminum bench is about it.  The ICE people also share some of this facility.

BioPark:  Beautiful day for a walk in the park - and the aquarium.  The BioPark had a Creepy Crawly Critters special exhibit still set up, through Nov 7 - did you know that Madagascar roaches are good eating?  That the West African black scorpion is not that aggressive?  Did you want to know that?

PageOne:  This is perhaps the largest book store in New Mexico.  Everyone was allowed to pick out one book to take home.  Alan took an extra one for his Dad.

Animal Humane Society:  On Virginia SE, one can find clean facilities manned by caring volunteers for the Kittery and for the Doggie area.  This was a side trip requested by Maggie, who is thinking someday she may get into the Animal Rescue business.   Many of the cats seemed to like her, and one dog licked Alan.  All were requested to wash their hands after handling/petting the kitten in the separate "get acquainted" room.

Summary:  Yes, this was an educational trip, and one enjoyed by all.