Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shipmates Stand Together

Shipmates Stand Together

As long-time readers of this column know, after a long and not-so-arduous courtship, Mike and Bonnie  were finally united in marriage.  To validate the event, an Open House was held at Bonnie's, and all were delighted that Lou and Jo Ann drove down for the event.

Although the Open House announcement specifically stated, "No Gifts," apparently jarheads have difficulty either reading or following instructions.  Thus it was that Lou and Jo Ann graciously invited Mike and Bonnie up for a glorious 3-day weekend in God's (or perhaps Air Force's) country.  Excitement started on Thursday evening in Trinidad with dinner at Rino's Restaurant, where the food is not only the best Italian cooking around (except perhaps for Jo Ann's), but also the waiters and waitresses all sing opera or better.  On Friday, the foursome headed up to the Simpleman's mountain "cabin" (see photo above with flag) outside Aguilar and nestled within the Spanish Peaks, where we were treated to a great meal by Jo Ann, plus a tour of the wildlife nearby - turkeys and deer specifically.

Saturday was off to the Air Force - Navy game at Colorado Springs.  Not one of Navy's best football showings, however it was not for lack of proper attire and cheering by our group.  That evening our lodging was at the Distinguished Visitors quarters at Ft Carson, which Lou had wangled through a close working relationship with the Base Commander.  We went out to Outback that evening (see photo), and the next day ended the festivities at Patti's Restaurant in Pueblo (next photo).

A great time was had by all - even though we never saw all the elk copulating which apparently entertained Harry and Doris after the Mini-Reunion back in October 2005.   Thanks, Jo Ann and Lou!  True friends, shipmates, and companymates.  Our marriage is well launched.