Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Day At The Races

"Legends" are 80 mph, precisely-responding, sophisticated racing machines. Conceived about 10 years ago, they are designed from the ground up like a NASCAR Cup car, with coil-over shocks, weightjackers and tube-frame steel construction covered with fiberglass bodies resembling the original "legendary" NASCAR stock cars of the 30s and 40s. They are powered by four-cylinder, 1250 cc, 125 hp Yamaha air-cooled engines with 5-speed sequential transmissions. And personalized with slick-looking professional paint jobs.

The 2009 Oval Schedule is in full swing at Sandia Motor Speedway, New Mexico's premier racing facility. Bonnie and Mike were provided a Pit Pass by Katy on Saturday 9 May and were witness to "The Miracle of Duct Tape." The 10-lap heat started well for the Legends however in the back stretch it was Cardenas on Cardenas as Car #7 (Matthew) spun out while trying to pass and Car #23 (Tony Jr.) ran up over him.

Then it was truly a race against time as Tony Sr. and crew attempted to put Car #7 back into racing condition in time for the 25-lap main event. Many hands working with many tools (and significant duct tape) helping made it happen and Matthew was out racing again - and spun out again - but finished in good shape. An excellent adventure all around!