Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ranch Roundup

Ranch Roundup

Every decade or so, the family gets together for a Reunion of sorts. This July we had a great visit to Alma New Mexico.

Billy loaned us his Polaris Ranger – plenty good for running around between ranches however not for long distance or high speeds. We made it down to Hugh B’s (about 2 miles) fairly easily on Friday night for the hot dogs and hamburger cook-out. Hugh B and the grandkids were already in swimming. What a place for a reunion for all ages: swimming, horse shoes, tennis court, horses, and they even had El Fuego for a photo op – who is willing to climb up on El Fuego?

At the end of the evening, there were fireworks – Bonnie kept saying, “We don’t want to ride home on the highway after dark, do we?” Well, there is a back route – don’t have to go on the highway, just follow the old County road around the back between the two Alma areas. So off we went – there was actually a little light when we started – Rusty had said “stay to the left” and apparently I took that way too seriously – I took the first left, ended up on the levee, and after about a mile we were thoroughly lost … no road, no way out, headlights tht showed about 10 feet ahead – and Bonnie worred about snakes. I had to get out and walk around looking for the road and while I was gone, Bonnie started looking for what we had to save us – all she found was two lollipops and a flashlight with no batteries. Bonnie was wondering if she could make it through to daylight by eating just one of the lollipops – but then was worried that one of the bears would smell the candy and we'd be goners ...

Well, Rusty saw our headlights in the wrong area - we weren't supposed to be along the levee - and came out and rescued us. Bonnie said, "I've got a new boyfriend!" However, she kept calling him "Dusty" so I think that won't last.

Then the next day was the Tractor Pull. If you haven't attended a Tractor Pull, you haven't lived! Well ... maybe you've lived, but you haven't seen it all. Now we have.

What a great Ranch Roundup! We need to do this more often!

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